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Qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry

For the Helmholtz Zentrum München health focus areas as well as across both current POF programs, proteomics has already now become a key tool for advancing scientific discovery. Since the causes of complex diseases are multi-factorial, systems-level approaches such as proteomics are needed to drive comprehensive understanding of disease mechanisms and enable future personalised prevention. The Core Facility Proteomics, as integral part of the Research Unit Protein Science, offers the enabling technology for proteomics, namely state-of-the art mass spectrometry.

We offer

  • Qualitative and quantitative proteomics
  • LC-MS / MS (LTQ Orbitrap XL and Q Exactive HF)
  • Standardized sample preparation (SOP)
  • Post-processing analysis
  • Consulting and assistance in planning, implementing and publishing proteomic projects
  • Web-based LIMS platform as campus-wide project management tool for the central research unit and its users
  • Training courses in proteome analysis methods
  • Participation in the HELENA graduate school


In addition to standardized sample preparation (e.g. 1D Gel, staining methods, enzymatic digestion in gel) and qualitative mass spectrometric analyses via LC-MS/MS, the analysis portfolio also includes the newest methods of quantitative proteomics, such as data independent acquisition-based quantifications (DIA) and several bioinformatics tool for comprehensive data analysis.

Please visit the proteomics website for more information