We offer support for problems in biostatistics.

This includes

  • Resource discovery: We point you to appropriate literature or statistical methods. Afterwards, the analysis can be performed by yourself.
  • Proofreading: We review your analysis.
  • Data analysis: We analyze your data using standard methods.
  • Method development: If necessary, we design a method that suits your data.
  • Expert letters: We write statistical opinions for the application for animal experiments.

We have expertise in 

  • Descriptive statistics (e.g. graphical data analysis)
  • Classical inference (e.g. maximum likelihood estimation, regression, hypothesis testing, model choice, survival analysis, functional data analysis)
  • Computational statistics (e.g. bootstrap, Monte Carlo methods, machine learning)
  • Bayesian statistics (e.g. Markov chain Monte Carlo)
  • Dynamical modeling (e.g. partial/ordinary differential equation models)
  • Experimental design (e.g. power analysis, sample size estimation)

You can find detailed information on the procedure for statistical consulting here: