Data Analysis Café

Bring your laptop, bring your questions, bring your cup!

The Core Facility Statistical Consulting and the Core Facility Bioinformatics offer an open door meeting where you can get prompt statistical and bioinformatics advice. This framework gives you the opportunity to meet experienced statisticians/bioinformaticians, get help with data problems or to write analysis code under guidance. Members of both Core Facilities are around to discuss your questions, but participants are also encouraged to discuss their issues with each other.

During the Data Analysis Café we will follow the "first come first served" principle. Time spent for answering questions depends on the number of participants. We will do our best helping you but cannot guarantee to answer all questions.

When? The next dates for the Data Analysis Café are:

  • Tuesday, 10th August 2021 from 11am to 12pm (online version)

Where? Online (Link will be provided to participants beforehand)

Who can participate? The Data Analysis Café is offered to all employees of the HMGU and is free of charge. 

Registration: Each participant has 15 minutes to discuss his question with a bioinformatician or a statistician. If you are interested in participating, please book a time slot in this registration form
Please describe in one or two sentences what your question is about. This will help us to better assign you to the appropriate team members. Due to the online format we have to keep the time slots strictly to ensure that every participant gets his turn. Therefore, please prepare your questions carefully.

Preparation: Please prepare your questions accurately. If you need help with programming or have coding questions, make sure to have everything ready to demonstrate. 

Typical questions which for example could be discussed during the Data Analysis Café are:

  • My code is not running; can you help me?
  • I have problems with importing my data
  • Which statistical test do I have to use?
  • How can I visualize my results?
  • How to interpret the p-value?
  • How should I deal with multiple testing?
  • How can I convert files between different formats?
  • How do I interpret a differential analysis?

The general idea of the Data Analysis Café is to answer questions within a few minutes. Other formats of Statistical Consulting can be found here.