Safety Pharmacology

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Hörsaal, Pharmazie-Historisches Museum der Universität Basel

Praktischer Teil:

F. Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd. und Novartis Pharma AG, Werk Klybeck, in Basel


Dr. Andrea Greiter-Wilke, Dr. Martin Traebert


Beginn Montag 13:00 Uhr
Ende Freitag ca. 12:00 Uhr


Introduction into Safety Pharmacology, regulatory, guideline and good-laboratory-practice (GLP) background. Cardiovascular basics, in-silico, in-vivo, and in-vitro models, evaluation of ECGs and introduction into cardiac arrhythmias. CNS basics, core battery and supplemental studies, concordance with clinics. Anatomy and physiology of respiration, tests on respiration. Pharmacokinetics, Modeling and Simulation. Basics on statistics. Renal function, metabonomics and gastrointestinal function. Oncologics and biologics. Integrated risk assessment. Human ECG studies, translational medicine. Practical part in groups (cardiovascular telemetry labs, CNS labs, respiration labs).

This course is intended to provide a unique overview of an important discipline in pharmaceutical industry. The participant will have an understanding of the various test systems used and the integration of Safety Pharmacology in the drug development process.