Tank Experiments and Simulation

Scheme of the tank experiment

Model Aquifer and Simulations

Until now the understanding of natural self-cleaning processes in groundwater ecosystems is limited at a very crucial point. It is unknown whether enzyme kinetics or bioavailability restrictions are the ultimate bottleneck for biodegradation of organic pollutants at very low concentrations (ng/l to µg/l).

In order to investigate these bottlenecks we use bench-scale sediment flow through chambers (FTC), which allow a targeted investigation of the biodegradation limitation within a defined concentration gradient. Recently, the investigation of small-scale diffusion and mixing processes became possible due to the high depth resolution of sampling points.

Mathematical models are developed to evaluate the experimental results and to unravel the relevance of the underlying processes.


Reaction Kinetic Simulator Downlaod ReKinsimGUI

Optimization of the single fissure dispersion model

SFDM simulation and auto optimization Downlaod ReKinsimGUI