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EPCARD.Net Overview

Here are some questions about EPCARD.Net frequently asked by new customers:

  • What is EPCARD.Net?

EPCARD.Net is an intuitive and user-friendly software product (the application) for scientific centres or aircraft  companies  which have interest in estimation of doses from cosmic radiation obtained by individuals along any aviation route at flight altitudes between 5000 m and 25000 m.
All EPCARD.Net calculations are based on  “state-of-the-art” physical algorithms working in reference to the so called  “cosmic weather” data obtained from the word-wide neutron monitoring network and delivered periodically (in most of the cases once per month; using web  download or email) as one relative small file to our licensed customers.

  • Can I use EPCARD.Net  for legal dose estimations?

Yes!  The EPCARD.Net  commercial  software  product  fullfills most recent requirements specified by  the European Council Directive 96/92/EURATAOM which are actually the base of national regulations for aviation dosimetry in almost all European countries.
EPCARD.Net was validated by  the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) and certified by the  German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA)  on April 23rd, 2010.

  • What real benefit does EPCARD.Net software solution offer to my company?

As mentioned, the EPCARD.Net application represents a comfortable and modern software tool for estimation and keeping-in-records of flight route doses. Additionally, EPCARD.Net provides a practical benefits for the routine of  licensed customer.
These are as follows:  

  1. EPCARD.Net is probably the only branched software product that is distributed in form of a “stand alone" and Internet "off-line” application (delivered on CD), ready for installation and immediate usage in customer's computers. This makes any user of EPCARD.Net free from extra implementation costs and from synchronization problems associated with Internet "on-line" or “outdoor" flight dose calculation services, resulting from dynamic firewalls or proxy reconfigurations, etc., often present in products of other brand.
    It is  of great  importance that EPCARD.Net user can keep in secret his flight route data, because flight route data never leave customer's computers!
    Licensed customer can deploy and run it on many computers in his company although different OS may be installed on each computer (i.e. Microsoft Windows®, some popular distributions of Linux and "UNIX-like" systems, Mac OS X®,etc.). 
    The EPCARD.Net application is designed for Microsoft  .NET Framework® or equivalent; i.e Mono-Project® for other OS. Licensed customer can also easily arrange installed copies of EPCARD.Net sharing the same physical data (“cosmic weather” data) on many networked computers in a “calculation cluster", increasing drastically his calculation productivity. Additionally, the EPCARD.Net application supports internal and Microsoft® Windows Host scripting, allowing an automatisation of some routine calculation tasks.

  2. The EPCARD.Net application can calculate many files or flight route doses in parallel; in completely separate calculation threads, based on safe multithread access to  “cosmic weather” data cache. This leads to safe increase of calculation productivity, in modern multi-core CPU hardware. EPCARD.Net is also designed for modern XML/HTML data exchange technology, in order to allow an effective cooperation with other systems, i.e SQL severs.

  3. The EPCARD.Net application is based on “state-of-the-art” physical algorithms which allow “off-line” flight dose calculations, for example for a current time and date using “cosmic weather” data downloaded from the EPCARD.Net web site up to three months backward. Currently, EPCARD.Net Team provides to customer the most recent data “quasi -just on real time”. Thus, it is even possible to use  the EPCARD.Net application to precisely forecast a particular flight dose up to three months in advance!

  4. EPCARD.Net Team is currently supporting a “Helpdesk“ (by means of telephone or email) to licensed customers without any additional fees. An „on line“ remote desktop assistance is also supported to solve any minor customer problems with  EPCARD.Net software products direct in  customer's office(in customer's computer Windows desktop). An “EPCARD.Net solution tutorial” is included in a EPCARD.Net manual. In this document customer can find an examples of usage scenarios in different customer's arrangement. This also includes the optimisation, advices and usefull  procedures, etc. 


  • Is EPCARD.Net "Certified Version" a free of charge software ?

No! EPCARD.Net is mainly distributed as a comercial software and sometimes as free of charge for non-commercial intstiution (scientific centres etc.). Remuneration for the grand of the license covers subsequent licensing, physical data acquistion and preparation , customer support and basic services for the period of licensce duration. Please , read here for more details.

  • What is the future of EPCARD.Net?

Formally, current EPCARD.Net application will be member of a bigger software solution based on the same or extended  physical algorithm. In future, additional EPCARD.Net products and services will be released, which will cover a wider range of different customers applications (i.e fitted more effective to organisation structure, requirements, financial potential of customer) and progress of radiation science .

Finally, it is of great importance that members of EPCRAD Scientific Staff are also an active members of many international scientific bodies (i.e EURADOS Working Group 11), working on   „High Energy Radiation Fields“ ,"Health Dosimetry" and  "Air Crew Dosimetry”. This, in turn, shall give to our customers the guarantee that  EPCARD.Net software products will include the most recent flight dose estimation algorythms and methods also in future.

So.. let’s us positively suprise you, be our Partner and Customer!



Please feel free to contact EPCARD.Net Team if you have any additional questions concerning EPCARD.Net.

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