EPCARD.Net License

The EPCARD.Net software and all related copyrights, commercial and intellectual rights are a solely property of Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health GmbH (called HMGU), and constitute a trade secret of HMGU.

Use of EPCARD.Net version 5.4.3. Professional "Certified Version" is granted in form of "License Agreement" between "Licensee" and HMGU usually for one year with an option for prolongation.

Remuneration for the grant of the license, scope and license duration is always subject of individual negotiation with license applicant.

The EPCARD.Net software shall not be used for any commercial and non-commercial purposes and out  of license scope unless a proper agrement for doing so has been obtained from HMGU.

If you intend to become EPCARD.Net licensed user, please, send your official request including some information i.e your name,  your airline company or your affiliation, along with your contact data(e.g  direct mailing address, telephone number, your office time etc. ) to .

Non-fee access to EPCARD.Net ver. 5.4.3. Professional "Certified Version" software is solely possible for non-commercial and non-profit scientific research projects.
If you are interested in non-commercial "License Agreement", please, contact EPCARD Team on .