“Interactive effects of air temperature and air pollution on daily myocardial infarctions in the region of Augsburg”

Study objectives:
To investigate if

  • the association between air temperature and daily cases of myocardial infarctions is modified by air pollution concentrations
  • interactive effects between air temperature and air pollution are stronger for participants with specific characteristics
  • the parametrization of air temperature, the definition of myocardial infarctions or the statistical model influences the interactive effects
  • interactive effects between air temperature and air pollution on myocardial infarctions have changed over time.

Study design:
Population based time-series study.

Study population:
Residents of Augsburg aged 25 – 84 years with a myocardial infarction between 1986 and 2015.

Study area:

Augsburg, Germany.

Current status:


Institute of Epidemiology: Regina Hampel, Alexandra Schneider.

Deutsche Stiftung für Herzforschung (F/51/15).

Funding period:
2017 – 2018


Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health

Institute of Epidemiology
Regina Hampel

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