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Deep phenotyping of epidemiological cohorts at the CPC: linking clinical and epidemiological cohorts

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To foster translation of findings from clinical into population based cohorts and vice versa we aim to deeply phenotype distinct subgroups from epidemiological and clinical cohorts at the CPC-outpatient unit to thoroughly investigate the origins, the short and long-term consequences of disease-relevant mechanisms as well as their trigger through environmental causes and modulation by immunologic as well as life style factors. To this end, we share facilities, equipment, and SOPs as well as collaboration networks and knowledge as they apply to the characterization of lung diseases in various stages and their co-morbidities. For all chronic lung diseases, both early and advanced stages, the health consequences are investigated in an age-spanning, transgenerational approach. Therefore, chronic lung diseases such as COPD are focused in the developing organ, i.e. the term and preterm infant as well as the adult, considering genetic and environmental challenges reaching from oxygen exposure and mechanical ventilation to air-pollution and cigarette smoke for its impact on the course of the disease. The manifestation of asthma/allergy phenotype is addressed in childhood and adulthood groups aiming to identify mechanistic distinctions in adult as compared to childhood asthma.