Research Group "Lung Epidemiology" - Projects

DZL: The German Center for Lung Research

The DZL is an association of the leading university and non-university institutions dedicated to lung research in Germany.  Using translational research methods, the DZL seeks to jointly develop new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of serious lung diseases.

Our research is embedded into the Disease Area COPD of the DZL particularly focusing on the topics:

  • Physical activity: impact of physical activity on development and progression of COPD and its comorbidities, and on biomarkers of aging, inflammation and remodeling

  • COSYCONET and cohorts: utilize COSYCONET and longitudinal reference cohorts (KORA, SHIP, German National Cohort, BeoNet Registry) for a better understanding of respiratory health and COPD prevalence in Germany (natural course in early stages, the consequences of the disease as well as the timing of personalized interventions)

  • Health care and economics: assess health care, patient outcomes and costs in order to support effective and cost-effective management of COPD patients (in close cooperation the Institute of Health Economics and Health Care Management)