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Relationship between Body Composition, BMI and Comorbidities in COPD

Beyond a variety of diseases, obesity is reported to have an overall increased prevalence in COPD patients compared to the general population. However, the evidence is heterogeneous, beside an increased risk also a protective effect of obesity has been described with regard to mortality in COPD, often referred to as "obesity paradox" or "risk factor paradox". This phenomenon is also observed in other diseases or health states associated with wasting, e.g. in advanced age. The assessment of body composition, beyond a simple anthropometric description, allows a closer characterisation of metabolic phenotypes and is therefore of great interest regarding associations with COPD severity and comorbidities.

The project investigates the relationship between important comorbidities and body composition estimated by bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) as a function of COPD severity, based on the available data from the COSYCONET cohort. In addition, it will be investigated to what extent relationships are dependent on age, other anthropometric measurements, selected biomarkers and affecting the progression of disease.

Study population:

COSYCONET: The German COPD cohort
KORA: KORA F4, KORA Age and follow-up surveys