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Seryan Atasoy receives the Kurt and Erika Palm Foundation Science Award

Award winner Seryan Atasoy (right) with the laudators Dr. med. Manju Guha from the DGPR (center) and Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Andresen from the German Heart Foundation (left).

The German Heart Foundation, together with the German Society for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases (DGPR), has awarded the Kurt and Erika Palm Science Prize for the second time. The award, endowed with 10,000 Euro, was presented at the 46th annual DGPR conference in Berlin.

Four research projects in the field of prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases were honoured, including the work of Seryan Atasoy, doctoral student at the Institute for Epidemiology (EPI) at Helmholtz Zentrum München. She received the award for her research on the "Association of hypertension cut-off values with 10-year cardiovascular-mortality and clinical consequences: a real-world perspective from the prospective MONICA/KORA study". She shares this with Dr. Thomas Schmidt from the Institute for Cardiovascular Research, Schüchtermann-Klinik Bad Rothenfelde. "I am very pleased that I could make a contribution to heart research with my findings and that this was rewarded with the Kurt and Erika Palm Foundation Prize," said Atasoy about her award. The Science Prize is named after its founders Kurt and Erika Palm. Due to their own painful experiences with heart diseases, the couple decided to donate a prize.

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