White Paper on ambient ultrafine particles published

Together with other experts in the field of exposure, toxicology and epidemiology, Annette Peters, director of the institute of epidemiology, published a White Paper on “Ambient ultrafine particles: evidence for policy makers”.


The White Paper summarizes the current evidence on ultrafine particles. Addressed to policy makers in the field of environment and public health, it provides a state-of-the-art overview on the questions: What are ultrafine particles? How do they adversely affect health and environment? Why are ultrafine particles a special challenge in terms of regulations?

The international team of experts was led by Prof. Lidia Morawska (Queensland University of Technology), Prof. Dr. Annette Peters, and Prof. Flemming R. Cassee (Utrecht University).

Besides Annette Peters, other members of our institute were involved in collaborating on the White Paper: Dr. Josef Cyrys, Dr. Alexandra Schneider, Dr. Susanne Breitner, Dr. Regina Pickford, Dr. Michal Kowalski and Siqi Zhang of the research groups "Environmental Risks" and "Environmental Exposure Assessment".

The White Paper has been published on the European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA) website (https://efca.net/) and can be downloaded here.