About us

The Institute of Epidemiology II focuses on the assessment of environmental and lifestyle risk factors which jointly affect major chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and mental health.

Research builds on the unique resources of the KORA cohort, the KORA myocardial infarction registry, and the KORA aerosol measurement station.

Aging-related phenotypes have been added to the KORA research portfolio within the frame of the Research Consortium KORA-Age.

The institute has published internationally acknowledged contributions to the identification of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes where inflammatory responses triggered by particulate matter or by psychic stress had played an important role.

The institute’s contributions are specifically relevant for the population as modifiable personal risk factors are being researched that could be influenced by the individual or by improving legislation for the protection of public health.

Research is conducted primarily in international and national research teams and in close cooperation with the other epidemiological institutes at Helmholtz Zentrum München (EPI I, AME, IGE) and KORA-gen.