About us

The Team

We are on the mission to position Helmholtz Munich as an international hotspot for epigenetics research and to create impact for and with society.

The team is committed to develop an inspiring environment for the highly diverse community to thrive. Sharing knowledge with society is key and we strive to foster exchange with and for society together with our researchers.

Astrid Lunkes

Director of Strategy & Management

responsible for the strategic development of the areas epigenetics & stem cells at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

Key areas:

  • strategy development
  • international positioning
  • science policy
  • mindfulness @ workplace
  • facilitation & mediation

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Wouter Koolhaas

Coordinator Epigenetics Research School

responsible for the coordination of the Helmholtz Epigenetics Research School Program

Key areas:

  • Management of the International research school EpiCrossBorders
  • International selection and recruitment of students
  • Development and Implementation of the Training Program
  • EpiCrossBorders Website management
  • Dedicated support for students

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Amelie Johanna Kraus

Scientific Coordinator Epigenetics@hmgu

responsible for science communication and science management

Key areas:

  • communication: website and social media management
  • bridging science and society
  • event management
  • summer internship program coordinator
  • epigenetics research experience

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