About us

The epigenetics@ HMGU community is coordinated by the Epigenetics & Stem Cells Research Management and Strategy Office, which actively participates in the development and implementation of long-range strategies in the area of epigenetics.  The office is committed to the creation of an optimal research environment, promoting internationalization and international visibility.  In close collaboration with central management and support units at Helmholtz Zentrum München, the office coordinates strategic initiatives aimed at providing a dynamic, vibrant and internationally competitive research community.

For further information or suggestions on any of our activities , please at any time. 

Who we are

Astrid Lunkes

During her PhD in Germany and a postdoc time in France, Astrid researched the causes of neurodegenerative diseases. Since 2001, she has held key positions in science management, strategy development and science policy with extensive experience in scientific publishing, fund raising and partnership at major European Organizations (EMBO, ESF) and research centers (IGBMC, HMGU). In January 2016, she launched the Epigenetics & Stem Cells Research Management and Strategy Office at HMGU to develop the research area strategically.

Wouter Koolhaas

Wouter did his Master’s degree in Marine Biology, with a focus on fish locomotion at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He then switched to genetics to work on the Drosophila muscle system in the lab of Frank Schnorrer at the MPI of Biochemistry in Munich. During his PhD he studied the mechanical and functional contributions of the Drosophila titins, Projectin and Sallimus, to the sarcomere. Wouter joined the team in May 2018.

Amelie Johanna Kraus

Amelie J. Kraus did her Master’s degree at the University of Würzburg. There, she got interested in Epigenetics and joined the Siegel's Lab for her PhD. She worked on the epigenetic gene regulation in the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma brucei. During her PhD, Amelie could gain experience in event and non-scientific project management. She joined the team in October 2019 as Scientific Coordinator for Epigenetics@HMGU.