Girls Day

Girl's Day was established in 2001 to give school girls from age 10 years and up the opportunity to gain insight in to careers in science and engineering. 

On Girl's Day 2016, the Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells welcomed six students to the lab from local high schools in Munich. The students were introduced to the importance of DNA organization for gene expression through an interactive session on nucleosome structure with Prof Torres-Padilla before taking part in a series of lab-based activities with our enthusiastic researchers. Sessions on DNA extraction, cell preparation and staining, followed by both fluorescence and confocal microscopy were met with interest and delight. Our team members were available throughout the day to discuss what it is like to work in the lab and the many opportunities that come from a career in science.  We thank the visiting students for engaging with us and look forward to participating in the event in the future.