Eat, drink and merry - How nutrition and metabolism shape the genome through Epigenetics

Reading recommendation for the holidays: the special issue of Molecular Metabolism guest edited by Prof. Robert Schneider, Director of the Institute of Functional Epigenetics (IFE) at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, and Dr. Till Bartke, the Deputy Director of the IFE includes a collection of review articles illuminating the “epigenetic” processes that modulate metabolic responses from different angles and that highlight how these processes link metabolism, nutrition, and metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

@Molecular Metabolism: Cover picture (Volume 38)

Do diet and nutrition impact human health through epigenetic regulation of gene expression?  Does the metabolism play a role in environmental diseases such as diabetes? Are epigenetic mechanisms or even inheritance the trigger for such diseases?

The special issue “Epigenetics and Metabolism” published recently by Molecular Metabolism was composed by Prof. Schneider and Dr. Bartke to address these and other open questions. It is a collection of nine excellent review articles that discusses the epigenetic processes that modulate the metabolism from various angles and highlights how they can link metabolism and human health.