About Us

The importance of epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of gene expression and the subsequent impact on health and disease is becoming ever more apparent.  Epigenetic mechanisms underpin the properties of cellular potency and reprogramming and are heavily implicated in the transmission of environmental signals that predispose for disease states. 

The epigenetics@ HMGU community aims to uncover the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation and its impact on health and disease. Groups in the community come from varied scientific backgrounds and are experts in a wide range of techniques and disciplines.  United as a community, researchers benefit from a constant exchange of ideas, sharing of technological advances and collaborative projects. The groups involved in this community are also active in the organization of both local and high profile, international meetings attracting experts from all over the world to Helmholtz Zentrum München and fostering a strong local environment in the field of epigenetics.

epigenetics@HMGU aims to bring epigenetic research to the non-expert community. More information on our outreach and communication activities can be found in the "Epigenetics for All" section.

For further information on any of our activities, please at any time!