The research greenhouse comprises a total area of 400 m2 and is used for experiments on plants and soil as well as for plant cultivation and propagation under controlled and frost-free conditions. The UV-transparent glass cover of the three-naved facility enables photo-biological processes close to natural free sky conditions. 
The side aisles of the greenhouse are separated into 4 cabinets (each 36 m2). Four cabinets are fully air-conditioned and the others are supplied with normal ambient air. The air-conditioned cabinets can be fumigated with various gases (e.g. CO2, O3).

The cabinets can be cooled up to 6 K below outside temperature by shading. Thermal loss during the night can be decreased by a textile shading inside.

 Additionally, the air-conditioned rooms have a dynamic tempering controlled by ventilation. The relative humidity is given by the outside conditions, the internal heating, and the evapotranspiration of the plants. The light reaches about 60% of the outside conditions and decreases to 15% by shading. During winter time, metal halide lamps and quartz halogene lamps provide additional light to extend the diurnal photoperiod or to accelerate the growth of the plants.

How to get access to the greenhouse?

  • Use of greenhouse space requires the submission of an application describing in detail the scientific goals and the technical/environmental design of the experiment. All users have to fill in the Greenhouse_Application_Form (Microsoft Excel File) and send it to