PFPI (2015-2017)

From left:  Ines Höfig, Karin Wisskirchen, Christiane Fuchs, Baoli Zhu, Anne Schöler, Natalia Smirnova, Jan Hasenauer, Christoph Göbl, Sithandiwe Mazibuko, David Endesfelder, Darcy Wagner, Antonella Lauri. Photo: HMGU


Christiane Fuchs

"I believe that there is more to being a successful researcher than scientific excellence: You have to acquire funding for your research, build a team of dedicated scientists, and you have to present your research results to the public. The coordinated support through the fellowship program helped me reaching my goals: To acquire own funding, establish my research group and become scientifically independent."

Christoph Göbl

"I am extremely grateful for the unique experience in the PFP program. Through the support of the Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, I could closely connect with enthusiastic peers, who are at the same stage of their career. In various courses I was able to not only improve my communication and leadership skills, but also strengthen my personal qualities through a long-term business coaching program. Through this extensive experience I was well-prepared for my next career step, where I started to work on my independent research focus in cancer and redox signalling. I highly recommend this program for early career scientists in the beautiful city of Munich."


Jan Hasenauer

"This program provided me with high quality trainings, which allowed me to improve my personal skills and to successfully progress my scientific career. I used the opportunities for an intensive exchange with fellow PostDocs and for the extension of my scientific network. Overall, I can truly recommend the program for a structured career development."


Ines Höfig

"The PFP fellowship has allowed me to plan and start next steps on my individual career track as a scientist. Each part of the program provided opportunities for personal feedback especially within the coaching process. Perhaps the most enriching component of the program was our friendly group of peer fellows willing to share strategies and ideas in a safe and encouraging environment."

Sithandiwe Mazibuko

"PFP helped me to strengthen my grant writing skills as they provided support when I was applying for grant for my postdoc of which I successfully obtained. I have further enhanced my project management skills through the modular training we were attending more in terms of time management since I have kids and balancing is not always easy. I have also benefited in the conflict management course as it helps to be able to handle such situations on a day to day basis."

Anne Schöler

"Through the PFP program I received highly valuable training in leadership skills and communication that I could directly apply in my current group leader position. I am very grateful for the individual support and confidential atmosphere within the PFP program. The mentoring and coaching sessions as well as the potential analysis greatly helped me find out what was important for me and where I see my career in the years to come. The financial support further provided an important level of independence from my PI and enabled me to visit my mentor or important conferences through the years. In addition I greatly profited from the motivating discussions with other PFP fellows and enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere during the trainings."

Darcy Wagner

"When I started the PFP program in 2014, I had a very clear goal in my mind of wanting to become an assistant professor at the conclusion of the postdoc, but I did not know exactly how to get there or what skills I needed to help me further develop in this direction. Throughout the course of my time as a PFP fellow, the program helped prepare me for both the expected and unexpected challenges in my career development. One of the most important parts of the program was that it had adaptable components which I could use to customize my own program in consultation with the team of mentors which the program gave me access to. I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today without the additional support afforded to me by the PFP modules and in particular the excellent personal coaching which I received to help me navigate each stage of my career development and expand my research network over the past 2.5 years."

Karin Wisskirchen

"The PFP has supported me in several ways. The course modules helped me to improve in the non-scientific aspects of my career, i.e. especially communication and self-management. PFP was very flexible with bringing a baby / babysitter to the courses so that I was able to attend all modules. The interaction with other PFP fellows and the personal potential analysis gave me a lot of input for self-reflection and for determining what I really want. Furthermore, I also benefitted from financial support of the PFP. The grants I received were awarded with an incentive, which helps me to pay a scientis. In addition, PFP supported my participation at a conference where industry gained interest in my work, which ended in a cooperation with a startup company. I am very grateful that PFP has provided me structured guidance for my personal and my career development."

Baoli Zhu

"The program provided opportunities for inspirational training and close interactions with excellent colleagues. This has enhanced my soft skills and broadened my horizon. I am so happy to have been a part of it."