Stephanie Ortiz Collazos

After completing my BSc degree in Chemistry at Universidad del Atlantico in Colombia, I moved to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2013 to pursue graduate studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. During my Master studies, I investigated the mechanical properties of PEG-fatty acid esters monolayers, as biodegradable surfactants widely used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 

During my doctoral studies in 2015, aiming to contribute with the development of less-invasive strategies to target therapeutic compounds directly to the airways, I investigated the interactions between exogenous lung surfactant extracts and different types of antibiotics, widely used for pneumonia/tuberculosis treatment. To get a better understanding of the mixed monolayer nanostructure, I combined in situ neutron reflectivity, Brewster Angle Microscopy and PM-IRRAS techniques on DPPC Langmuir monolayers at the air-water interface as a lung surfactant model.

Following a postdoctoral appointment at the National University of Ireland, in Maynooth during 2019, I have been awarded as Postdoctoral researcher at the Helmholtz Centre in Munich, to continue and expand my scientific career on biological systems. Currently, I am associated to the Structural Biology Institute where we investigate the structure of a membrane protein which mutations are linked to a neurodegenerative disease.