Curriculum and credit points

Work on the doctoral thesis is embedded into a comprehensive curriculum within an interdisciplinary research atmosphere. The Research School of Radiation Sciences - RS2 is fully integrated into the Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health (HELENA). A HELENA membership is a prerequisite for the membership in RS2.

The Credit Point System is in conformity with the system of the "HELENA Equivalents":

4 hours workload is accredited with 1 HE

For the calculation of the HELENA Equivalents, the actual workload of an event is calculated by the Graduate Student Office in consultation with the course leaders. Preparation and follow-up times are added to the attendance times.

Each student has to submit any participation certificate to the RS2 coordinator who will communicate each RS2 student's credit point status to the HELENA Graduate Student Office.

RS2 Curriculum


To fulfill the requirements of RS2, graduate students have to acquire 80 HE, 65 HE in Scientific Training and 15 HE in Professional Skills.

Basic elements of the RS2 curriculum are mandatory for all graduate students:

  • Five introductory lectures on radiation sciences (3 HE)
  • Expert seminars (4 HE)
  • Participation in two RS2 retreats
  • Active participation in two international conferences
  • Participation in two professional skills courses offered by the Helmholtz Association is highly recommended

Elective elements from the field of Radiation Sciences can be selected by the graduate students in accordance with their Thesis Committee individually, but have to account for 20 HE minimum.

Interdisciplinary and professional skills courses offered by RS2, HELENA, TUM and LMU can be chosen to acquire the remaining HE.


The following HELENA elements are mandatory for all graduate students:

  • Orientation Days (once)
  • Translational Medicine Seminar and HELENA Lecture Series. Altogether eight lectures need to be attended, without a specified ratio between the two formats.
  • Statistics and reproducibility courses are mandatory for all new graduate students and postdocs who received a working contract from 01.01.2019 onwards. The courses will be accredited with HE points.
  • TUM Kick-off or HELENA-LMU Mid-Term Booster