Mandatory HELENA Elements

The HELENA training program comprises a small number of mandatory elements like the introductory training courses (Orientation Days, TUM Kick-off or Welcome Event LMU), interdisciplinary HELENA Lecture Series and the Translational Medicine Seminar.

Important information:

  • Participation in the Orientation Days (once) is mandatory for all HELENA graduate students.
  • The HELENA Lecture Series (3 times) is mandatory for HELENA graduate students.
  • The Translational Medicine Seminar (5 times) is mandatory for HELENA graduate students.
  • Attendance of the TUM Kick-off is only mandatory for TUM graduate students.
  • Attendance of the Welcome Event by the LMU Graduate Center is only mandatory for LMU graduate students.
  • For all mandatory events, the Graduate Students Office (GSO) will provide an attendance list which must be signed by the graduate students. The list will be sent to the GSO after the event.