Expert seminars

The RS2 Expert Seminars are an essential component of the scientific training program. International scientists with outstanding expertise in radiation sciences present their current research in the Expert Seminar series. Before the seminar, a closed session for graduate students allows the RS2 students to meet and discuss with the speaker in a more informal round.


DateSpeaker / Topic

March 01, 2018
3-5 pm

Dr. Stefan Ameres, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna, Austria
Mechanism and Biology of RNA Silencing
Bldg. 35.33 / room 231

March 28, 2018
3-5 pm

Prof. Roland Rad, TUM Klinikum r. d. Isar , München, Germany
CRISPR and Transposon-based approaches for high-throughput functional cancer genomics in mice
Bldg. 56 / room 160 a+b

May 03, 2018
4-5 pm

Prof. Michael Abend, Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology, Munich, Germany
"Predicting acute health effects after radiation exposure using radiation-induced gene expression changes - an eight chapter story"
Bldg. 33 / kleiner Hörsaal

June 12, 2018
3-5 pm

Prof. Daniela Thorwarth, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Germany
"Hypoxia Dose Painting - A step towards personalized radiation oncology"
Pavillon, Klinikum r. d. Isar, Ismaninger Str. 22, 81675 München

July 26, 2018
3-5 pm

Prof. Claudia Rübe, Universitätsklinikum Saarland, Germany
Normal tissue responses after low doses of ionizing radiation
Bldg. 56 / room 160 a+b


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