Graduate student representatives 2018-2019

The RS2 graduate student representatives represent the needs and ideas of the RS2 graduate students towards the Management Board and are officially elected by all RS2 graduate students for the term of a year.

In 2019, Daniel represents the RS2 graduate students:

Daniel Pawliczek

Institute of Developmental Genetics

Dear colleagues,

We are called upon to elect new representatives of our unique graduate school. As a rather new member of the RS2, I would be happy to take over this obligation for the term to come.
Thanks to the dedicated work of Corinna and the freedom conceded by the board, the RS2 is indeed a pertinent institution, which supplies an interesting agenda for PhD students in radiation biology. Shortly after my start at the HMGU, I noticed that. As one of the new representatives, I would help that those conditions will not change.
A few words describing me: I am a biophysicist and I work at the group Eye Research at the Institute of Developmental Genetics. I am definitely used to debate in panels and I would be glad to fight for your interests.

Daniel Pawliczek