Thesis Committee

A Thesis Committee will support participants in the Research School of Radiation Sciences during their studies. This group of three (to four) scientists will be made up by:

  • The scientist responsible for the project = direct adviser

  • The adviser at the university (LMU or TUM)

  • An external adviser, appointed in conjunction with the direct adviser and the head of the respective institute

  • The head of the institute at the Helmholtz Zentrum München (if not acting as direct adviser or university adviser)

Here you can announce your personal thesis committee (via HMGU intranet).


Meeting procedures:

Three meetings with the Thesis Committee are mandatory (one meeting each year) and are arranged by the graduate student – when required, with support of his/her main supervisor.

Please fill in the two forms listed below and hand them in to the Graduate Student Office after the meeting:

Annual Thesis Committee Meeting Feedback Form (via HMGU intranet)

Supplement RS2 Thesis Committee Meeting which needs to be filled out obligatory by RS2 graduate students (via HMGU intranet).