New Junior Research Group Leader

December 11th, 2020

Dr. Alexander Jais is New Junior Research Group Leader

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Alexander Jais as our new junior research group leader at HI-MAG. With his junior research group "Diet-Induced Metabolic Alterations" Dr. Jais strengthens the research focus of the "Metabolic Research" at the HI-MAG.

The overall aim of his research is to unravel mechanisms of the central nervous system that promote the development of obesity. His work focuses on the identification and characterization of neurons that respond to high-caloric food and promote acute "overeating", thus contributing to the development of obesity and secondary diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

During his doctoral thesis at the Medical University of Vienna, he focused on biological markers that enable predictions about the health consequences of obesity. In 2015, he took up a postdoctoral position in Professor Jens Brüning's department "Neuronal Control of Metabolism" at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Cologne. There, he investigated how a high-fat diet affects glucose transport of the brain and which neurons in the brain specifically respond to the consumption of a calorie-dense, high-fat diet.

Dr. Jais' junior research group will start in March 2021.

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