Journal Club by Dr. Bilal Sheikh

The journal club organized by Dr. Bilal Sheikh will meet up once a month on a Friday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm. The Journal Club will start again in January 2021 with a new format where two researchers will present one paper of their choice together. Please find the upcoming dates for 2021 down below:


January 29th - Alina Rose, M.Sc. / Dr. Jesús R. Rodríguez Aguilera

Februrary 26th - Dr. Aleix Ribas Latre / Lisa Christen, M.Sc.

March 26th - Dr. Kerstin Rohde-Zimmermann / Dr. Pamela A. Nono Nankam

April 30th - Dr. Olga Bondareva / Fabiana Oliveira, M.Sc.

May 28th - Cathrine Tindall, M.Sc. / Dr. Juliane Weiner

 June 25th - Dr. Jesús R. Rodríguez Aguilera / Faiqa Zulfqar, M.Sc.


For more information, please contact Dr. Bilal Sheikh.

Please note that the journal club will take place online only until further notice.