Systems Biology of Small Molecules

Integration and analysis of phenotypic information of drugs, diseases and genes

We have integrated and analyzed organismal phenotypes from drugs, diseases and mouse models in order to understand gene properties linked to systemic effects of perturbations.



Development of tools for the analysis of chemical genetic screens

We have developed advance tools for the identification of hits of high-throughput screens, the prediction of protein targets of compounds and identification of promiscuous compounds.

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

Sabri Hamad (Master), HitPick V2: a target prediction tool of chemical compounds

Deepthi Mannil (Master), Towards orphan disease molecular causes and therapeutic treatments

Sameena Sultana Syeda (in collaboration with Dr. Igor Tetko) (Master), Quantitative modeling of toxicologial dat

Jeremias Trapp (Bachelor), Development of a web-application for the integration, analysis and visualisation of chemical high-throughput screens

Karolina Worf (Bachelor), Characterization of phenotypic features in System Organ Classes of genes, drugs and diseases

Julia Sophie Heier (Bachelor), Systems Biology Analysis of chemical screening experiments