Optoacoustic Mesoscopy

Different layers of human skin obtained with RSOM.
Different layers of human skin obtained with RSOM.
a) Maximum intensity projection (MIP) in the coronal direction showing the Stratum corneum of the epidermis, b) MIP in the coronal direction showing vascular fingerprint of the dermal papillae, c) MIP in the coronal direction showing the subpapillary plexus, and d) MIP in the coronal direction showing the deep vessels of the papillary dermis. e) Cross section through human skin. (b-d) MIPs along the depth direction within the regions marked in (e).
All scale bars are 500 µm.


Our group conceives, designs and develops multispectral optoacoustic technology that allows performing non-invasive anatomical, functional and molecular optical imaging of the skin in the clinics. Our systems are designed to achieve a resolution to depth relation that is not accessible to the traditional optical imaging techniques.  As a result, high resolution capabilities across the whole skin depth are maintained. Within this framework we use our tools to image and quantify biologically and medically relevant features that were not possible to be monitored before.  Furthermore leveraging in our technology and collaborating with leading dermatologists we study several major skin disorders in order to catalyze biomedical discovery and to improve current dermatology praxis.

Aguirre, J.; Schwarz, M.; Garzorz, N.; Omar, M.; Buehler, A.; Eyerich, K.; Ntziachristos, V. Precision assessment of label-free psoriasis biomarkers with ultra-broadband optoacoustic mesoscopy. Nature Biomedical Engineering 1, 0068 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41551-017-0068

Schwarz, M. ; Omar, M. ; Bühler, A. ; Aguirre, J. ; Ntziachristos, V. Implications of ultrasound frequency in optoacoustic mesoscopy of the skin. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging 34, 672-677 (2015)

Aguirre, J. ; Schwarz, M. ; Soliman, D. ; Bühler, A. ; Omar, M. ; Ntziachristos, V. Broadband mesoscopic optoacoustic tomography reveals skin layers. Opt. Lett. 39, 6297-6300 (2014)


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Dr. Aguirre,
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Dr. Hindelang,
Postdoctoral fellow E-mail Biederstein, Dermatologische Klinik
Dr. Ghazaryan,
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