Institute Director

Image Name Job Title E-mail Telephone Building/Room
Prof. Dr. Ntziachristos,
Director E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 3852 56/029 & Einsteinstr. 25, TranslaTUM (bldg. 522), room 22.3.28
Dr. Lehman,
Executive Science Coordinator – Prof. Vasilis Ntziachristos E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 49674 & +49 (0) 89 4140 7168 56/030a & Einsteinstr. 25, TranslaTUM (bldg. 522), room 22.3.30

Principal Investigators

The Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI) has 7 Faculty members, mainly drawn from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Medicine.

Scientists and Postdoctoral fellows

IBMI has a distinguished group of research scholars, including postdoctoral associates and research scientists.

Ph.D. Students

IBMI trains the future leasders in academia, industry and the public sector. Our students arrive with distinguished backgrounds from all corners of the world an work on broad and interdisciplinary set of topics.

Masters, Bachelors and Interns

Beside Ph.D. students, IBMI trains many graduate and undergraduate students in a very interdisciplinary environment.


IBMI administration provides support to the IBMI faculty, research staff, students and overall functioning of the institute.

Technical Personnel

Technical personnel help and support our scientists and students in our labs.

Safety Officers