ICB Consulting

The Institute of Computational Biology (ICB) offers support in biostatistics.

Our offer includes

  • Consulting service: statistical advice for projects ranging from students' theses to long-term projects

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  • Biostatistics teaching: courses for different levels of previous knowledge

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We have expertise in 


    • Descriptive statistics (e.g. graphical data analysis)
    • Classical inference (e.g. maximum likelihood estimation, regression, hypothesis testing, model choice, survival analysis, functional data analysis)
    • Computational statistics (e.g. bootstrap, Monte Carlo methods)
    • Bayesian statistics (e.g. Markov chain Monte Carlo)
    • Dynamical modeling (e.g. partial/ordinary differential equation models)
    • Experimental design (e.g. power analysis, sample size estimation)

This service is available for all members of Helmholtz Zentrum München. 

If you seek advice from ICB Consulting, please fill in the inquiry form (only for HMGU staff). If you have any further questions, please contact us!