ICB Seminar


Network Comparison via Subgraph counts

Dr. Luis Ospina-Forero, Alliance Manchester Business School,
University of Manchester

Monday, October 22nd, 2018, 11.30 am, Seminar Room 121, Building 58a
Invited by Malte Lücken

There are many techniques for network comparison, from simply comparing network summary statistics to sophisticated but computationally costly alignment-based approaches. Yet it remains challenging to accurately cluster networks that are of a different size and density, but hypothesized to be structurally similar or which share similar core properties.  In this talk I will give a brief description of several network comparison methods based on subgraph counts, and will show that although most network comparison methods based on subgraph counts aim to show structural similarity; some methods focus on fine grain similarities while other methods can capture core similarities better despite having networks with different numbers of nodes and edges, thus leading to more accurate clustering of networks.
I will end the talk by giving motivating examples for the use of network caparison methods in applications such as Protein-Protein Interaction networks, Stock Markets and Road Networks.

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