Messoud Efendiyev

  1. Editor in Chief : International Journal of Biomathematics and Biostatistics

  2. Int. Editor of Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale Dynamics - Canada

  3. Editor of Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences - UK

  4. Editor of Glasgow Journal of Mathematics  - UK, Cambridge

  5. Editor of Journal of Nonautonomous and Stochastic Dynamical Systems - Spain

  6. Editor of Advances of Mathematical Sciences and Applications - Japan

  7. Editor of Mathematische Nachrichten - Germany

  8. Editor of Zentralblatt für Mathematik - Germany

  9. Editor of Journal: Discrete and Continous Dynamical Systems, DCDS-S - USA

  10. Editor of American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS): Book series "Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems" - USA

  11. Editor of International Journal of Mathematical Sciences - India

  12. Editor of Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics - Azerbaijan

  13. Editor of Journal of Analysis - India