Messoud Efendiyev

Research interests

  • Nonlinear equations of mathematical physics
  • Mathematical biology
  • Modeling of biofilms and analysis: new class of degenerate parabolic equations
  • Model and dimension reduction in dynamical systems with application in biology
  • Homogenization approach in PDE and related questions in the life sciences
  • Higher order models arising in Physics and Biology
  • Chaotic dynamics, topological and Kolmogorov's entropy
  • Infinite dimensional dynamical systems and their global attractors
  • Upscaling, Optimization and Design of chemical reactors
  • Topological methods and its applications
  • Rate-indepentent processes and its applications
  • Local and global bifurcation based on the degree theories
  • Homological degree theory in the category of quasiruled (Fredholm) manifolds
  • Geometrical properties of nonlinear mappings related to (pseudo)differential operators

Scientific awards

  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, 1990
  • Japan Society Promotion of Science (JSPS-Fellow), 2005
  • Otto Monsted Fellow, Denmark, 2008

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