PD Dr. Josef Obermaier

Phone: +49 89 3187-4486
Fax: +49 89 3187-3029
Building/Room: 56 / 002a

PD Dr. Josef Obermaier

Research interests

    Orthogonal polynomials
    Harmonic analysis
    Density estimators


  • Lasser, R., Obermaier, J.: The influence of the incubation period on qualitative aspects of the spread of AIDS. Biometrical Journal, 31, 833-839 (1989)

  • Obermaier, J.: Modifizierte Fejér-Kerne für polynomiale Hypergruppen; Approximations- und Darstellungssätze. Dissertation, Technische Universität München, 1990

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  • Hoffmann-Fezer, G., Trastl, C., Beisker, W., Berg, D., Obermaier, J., Kessler, W., Mysliwietz, J., Schumm, M., Filser, J., Thierfelder, S.: Preclinical evaluation of biotin labeling for red cell survival testing. Annals of Hematology 74, 231-238 (1997)

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  • Obermaier, J., Welzl, G.: An expected confidence interval for the median. Preprintreihe des IBB (1999)

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  • Lasser, R., Obermaier, J.: Characterization of Blackman kernels as approximate identities. Analysis 22, 13-19 (2002)

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  • Obermaier, J.: Fourier Transformation Ionen Zyklotron Resonanz Spektrometrie. In: Beiträge zur Biomedizinischen Bildgebung mit einem Seitenblick auf Molecular Imaging, 275- 285, GSF-Bericht 03/04, 2004

  • Obermaier, J., Szwarc, R.: Polynomial bases for continuous function spaces, In: International Series of Numerical Mathematics, Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation, pp. 195 -205, Birkhäuser Verlag, 2005

  • Kaffarnik. F, Seidlitz, H.K., Obermaier, J., Sandermann Jr., H., Heller, W.: Environmental and developmental effects on the biosynthesis of UV-B-screening pigments in scots pine (pinus sylvestris L.) needles. Plant, Cell and Environment 29 (8), 1484-1491 (2006)

  • Obermaier, J., Szwarc, R.: Nonnegative Linearization for little q-Laguerre polynomials and Faber basis. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 199 (1), 89-94 (2007)

  • Lasser, R., Obermaier, J., Rauhut, H.: Generalized hypergroups and orthogonal polynomials. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society 82, 369-393 (2007)

  • Obermaier, J., Szwarc, R.: Orthogonal polynomials of discrete variable and boundedness of Dirichlet kernel. Constructive Approximation 27 (1), 1-13 (2008)

  • Lasser, R., Obermaier, J.: A new characterization of ultraspherical polynomials. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 136, 2493-2498 (2008)

  • Ismail M.E.H., Obermaier, J.: Characterization of continuous and discrete q-ultraspherical polynomials. Canadian Journal of Mathematics 63, 181-191 (2011)

  • Obermaier, J.: A modified Fejér and Jackson summability method with respect to orthogonal polynomials. Journal of Approximation Theory 163,554-567 (2011)


  • Lasser, R. Obermaier, J.: Strongly invariant means on commutative hypergroups. Colloquium Mathematicum 129, 119-131 (2012)


  • Lasser, R. Obermaier, J., Wagner, J.: On the spectrum of tridiagonal operators and the support of orthogonalization measures. Archiv der Mathematik 100, 289-299 (2013)

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