CanPathPro - Generation of the CanPath prototype - a platform for predictive cancer pathway modelling

CanPathPro aims to develop a bioinformatic concept and the associated computational tools required for the translation of highly complex and heterogeneous omics data into predictive modelling of cancer signalling. The approach uses existing data and databases relevant to cancer signalling as well as CanPathPro-generated mouse omics data obtained from mouse cancer models, for practical testing and validation of the system. These data will be integrated by an existing modelling computational platform, to identify signalling networks critical for breast and lung cancer development. The in silico-generated predictions will be validated using (i) organotypic systems recapitulating breast and lung lesions, (ii) well- phenotyped, existing and CanPathPro-generated mouse models.

The validated bioinformatics concept will be built into the CanPathPro prototype: A tripartite tool for the (i) generation and (ii) integration of quantitative mouse omics data, followed by (iii) predictive in silico modelling of cancer signalling pathways and networks in mouse models. The CanPathPro prototype will be built as a commercial platform; its development represents the main aim of the project and its establishment is the endpoint of the project.

Overall, CanPathPro combines, in an absolutely novel approach, classic cancer research methodology with omics and systems biology tools. Hence the project will serve as a source of new biotechnological applications, in animal-based cancer research, and their utilisation in health-relevant applications.

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