Mixed Models in Cell Communication and Cancer (SPP 1395, InKoMBio)

InKoMBio is a Priority Program of the German Research Foundation (DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).
In the previous SPP1395 funding period we have begun to study the initiation of cytokine mediated cell-cell communication in the human skin by systematic experimental investigation and computational modeling to unravel the factors, feedbacks and timing in the communication between human skin keratinocytes and dermal  fibroblasts. The current interdisciplinary proposal aims to refine and validate the current results as outlined below and to translate the current and novel approaches to the  field of tumor biology. This approach will dwell on the similarities of healthy and cancerous cell interactions to elucidate the generic concepts and information theoretic principles in cell-cell communication of mammalian cells in general.

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* external authors, # joint first authors, ° joint corresponding authors