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Brain Confetti - Why our Sense of Smell Declines in Old Age

A clone of neural cells identified in an adult mouse brain using confetti reporters

Lisa Bast and Carsten Marr from the ICB analyzed the clonal composition of neural stem cell lineages in the brains of young and aged adult mice together with their experimental partners, Jovica Ninkovic and Filippo Calzolari. 

Mathematical modeling of the lineage dynamics revealed changes in the behavior of neural stem cells with age: More frequent asymmetric stem cell divisions and longer quiescence are predicted to contribute to the age-related decline in neurogenesis.

For more information, see the press release by the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the original publication: Bast, L. et al. (2018): Increasing Neural Stem Cell Division Asymmetry and Quiescence Are Predicted to Contribute to the Age-Related Decline in Neurogenesis. Cell Reports, DOI:

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