Computational Cell Maps

Our team is working on software that stores the flood of Life Science data, links it automatically and thereby identifies the novel biomarkers and drug targets. Thus, the rapidly growing knowledge base can be harvested and the development of drugs accelerated.

Our project "KNOWING"  on turning big data into personalized therapies was honored with the m4 Award of Bio-M in December 2015. In this pre-seed stage we will develop a software that can be used for result integration of any type of research data as well as be used to harvest data to identify biomarker and drug targets for personalized therapies. 

Project members are Martin Preusse and Nikola Müller.


We are currently seeking software developer in full-time, part-time, as PhD or working student. You will work on full-stack development including noSQL databases, Python backend and JavaScript frontend. We use neo4j, mongoDB, Python/Flask and AngularJS. We test and deploy our software with Docker. 

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