Carsten Marr receives CSB2 prize in systems biology

from left to right: Roland Eils (Bioquant, DKFZ Heidelberg), Carsten Marr (HMGU), Ursula Klingmüller (DKFZ Heidelberg)

Dr. Carsten Marr, deputy director of the ICB and head of the group Quantitative Single Cell Dynamics received the CSB2 prize in systems biology for ‘exceptional contributions to the development and application of innovative new modeling and computational methods as judged by their technical quality, broad utility and fundamental theoretical insight'. The awardee is selected by the Council for Systems Biology in Boston, which builds local, regional, and national links between academic and industrial laboratories active in the areas of systems and computational biology.
The prize is sponsored by Merrimack pharmaceuticals and was presented on the SBHD 2017 in Heidelberg.