Prof. Messoud Efendiev chairman of the International Conference on "Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Life Sciences" in Istanbul

The International Conference on "Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Life
Sciences"  was held in Istanbul between 03.10.18 and 05.10.18, where
together with local, young, and leading scientists, there was
participation by leading experts from Germany, France, the Netherlands,
United Kingdom, USA, Canada and also from North Africa.
It is worthwhile to  emphasize that the Chairman of this Conference was
Professor Dr. Messoud Efendiev, from our Institute of Computational
Biology, co-Chairs were Professor Dr. B. Yilmaz and  Professor Dr. F. Ucar
from Marmara University.
The goal of the Conference was to bring together leading and young
scientists from all over the world working in applied mathematics,
molecular and computational biology, as well as life sciences.
During the meeting with Professor Dr. Erol ÖZVAR,  Rector of Marmara
University,  Professor Dr. Messoud Efendiev informed him of  the  success
of the Conference as well as the scientific activities carried out in the
Institute of Computational Biology. The Rector thanked both the Organizing
Committee for their excellent organization as well as the participants
from around the globe. He expressed his strongest desire to have such a
conference every two years, and he believes that this conference will
undoubtedly stimulate and create additional interest in applied
mathematics, modeling, computational biology and life science problems,
not only among experts from  Universities in Istanbul, but also among
researchers including young researchers such as PhD students and Postdocs
from Turkey and elsewhere.