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In September 2020:

Alina's scientific work in one sentence

I am trying to unravel mysteries of the pancreatic β-cell and thereby further understand/develop the progression, diagnosis, or treatment of diabetes, focusing on two transcription co-factors.

Short CV

Highest Level of education: Master of Science, 2018, TUM
Actual Position: PhD Student

5 questions about research - past, present, future

1. What are your primary tasks and responsibilities in your actual position?
I am working on my PhD project where I investigate how (two specific) transcription co-factors affect β-cell physiology. For this I generated three mouse lines that I maintain and characterize. Along with this there is of course a lot of lab work and planning. From time to time our group grows which means that I get to supervise for example Azubis.

2. What is it that gives you pleasure and/or satisfaction the most?
Finishing an experiment where I know everything went just perfectly fine (regardless the results are the way I expected them to be or not)
When things/results start to make sense

3. Which research question(s) affects you at the moment? What is its social significance?
What is the role of TBL1 and TBLR1 in pancreatic β-cells? How do TBL1 and TBLR1 maintain β-cell physiology?

4. Which publication influenced you the most?
I guess most of the publications related to TBL1 and TBLR1 influenced me and still influence me a lot, especially “TBL1 and TBLR1 Phosphorylation on Regulated Gene Promoters Overcomes Dual CtBP and NCoR/SMRT Transcriptional Repression Checkpoints” by Perissi from 2008.

5. What do you like most about the IDC?
There is a lot of expertise in all kind of fields at the IDC. This makes it very easy to learn about new topics and techniques, especially since everyone is very supportive and helpful.

5 questions beyond research

1. What are your experiences with reconciliation of family or private and working life?
Having a healthy work/life balance is harder than one would think. But it’s really good to have people who are willing to help out in all kind of situations (privately or at work).

2. What is the experience during your PhD you will remember all your life?
For me it was the interview for the PhD position at the Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes. It was the first real interview “marathon” that I had to go through in my life and it was very intense, stressful and relieving at the end.

3. Which book and/or movie has lately affected you the most?
The Why Café

4. What are your hobbies?
Cooking & special effects make up

5. What is your favorite color, season and/or football (or other sports) club?
My favorite color is glitter, I really like shiny things. The two seasons I adore are spring (everything starts to come back to life + the weather and everyone’s mood gets better) and fall (colorful leaves + lazy rainy days).