• Our vision is to help improving the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic diseases with a specific focus on neurological (Dementias, Parkinson´s Diseases, ALS) and psychiatric diseases (Major Depression).

    Since genetic predisposition is a major risk factor for these diseases – and the function of most mammalian genes is not yet understood - we also envision to contribute to the functional annotation of the mouse genome.








  • Our mission is to contribute to the functional annotation of the mouse genome by performing large scale mutagenesis and developing continuously new genetic technologies in order to improve animal models of disease.

    Furthermore, we aim at unraveling the molecular basis of the pathoetiology of psychiatric and neurological diseases by generating and comprehensively analysing genetic animal models. Specifically we consider the role of environmental factors on the etiology and progress of the diseases.

    As a consequence the Institute of Developmental Genetics is structurally divided into two research areas: the Research Area "Mouse Genetics" and the Research Area "Neuropsychiatric Diseases".