Eye Diseases

Eye diseases can be observed as hereditary diseases in (early) childhood or later in life rather as age-related disorders. Therefore, our group focusses at four major topics:

  1. developing mouse models to better understand the developmental genetics of eye diseases, particularly microphthalmia, cataracts and the development of the retina and the optic nerve;
  2. within the framework of the German Mouse Clinic we run the Eye Screen to detect eye disorders in newly developed mouse mutant lines according to a standard protocol of procedures;
  3. radiation-induced cataracts are a well-known risk after applications of high doses of ionizing radiation. However, the risk at low doses is still a matter of debate, and our projects in mice will lead to a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms;
  4. our knowledge in the genetics of eye diseases and their age-related aspects have been used both in molecular analysis of family suffering from eye diseases as well as in the epidemiology of eye disorders in the framework of KORA
Members of the Research Group “Eye Diseases” as of November, 2017 (from left to right): Erika Bürkle, Monika Stadler, Sharmilee Vetrivel, Daniel Pawlizek, Claudia Dalke, Jochen Graw, Elizabeth Joyce, Oana Amarie, Sarah Kunze. (Foto: Kristina Niedermeier)