European Mouse Mutant Cell Repository (EuMMCR)


The EuMMCR has been founded as the EUCOMM distribution unit. The mission of this group is to provide scientists worldwide with EUCOMM ES cell clones and targeting vectors in high quality and the optimal possible timely manner. EuMMCR archives all ES cell clones from the EUCOMM and EUCOMMTools production labs. All EUCOMM alleles are published on the EUCOMM and IKMC web sites. Upon requests of interested scientists EuMMCR will expand ES cell clones, characterize them and ship them to the ordering lab. The standard quality controls include a.) mycoplasma tests of every cell line and b.) a short PCR verifying the targeted allele and the presence of the 3’ loxP site in the allele. You can find all the information about ordering at EuMMCR.