Press Release


Prevention award 2021 for Prof. Dr. med. Robert Wagner

Prof. Dr. med. Robert Wagner (left) receives the award from Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Schellong. ©Sven Bratulic

Prof. Dr. med. Robert Wagner, scientist at the IDM, senior physician and head of the endocrinological outpatient department of the clinic for diabetology, endocrinology and nephrology at the University Clinic Tübingen, is awarded with the Prevention award 2021 by the German Society for Internal Medicine e.V. (DGIM) together with the German Foundation for Internal Medicine (DSIM).

In his pioneering work, Prof. Wagner presented for the first time a new classification in order to identify people who have a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes at an early stage, and who are more likely to develop severe complications. The research results of Prof. Wagner can help to assess individual risk and course of type 2 diabetes better at an early stage.

"This classification could also help us to better understand the individual disease mechanisms and offer patients more precise therapies in the future" says Prof. Dr. Andreas Fritsche, last author of the study. The work was published in the renowned journal Nature Medicine.

"With a highly innovative combination of clinical research and computational science, Prof. Wagner and the whole team have provided a novel approach to understanding prediabetes and the complications that already begin at this stage," explains Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld, Director of the Clinic for Diabetology, Endocrinology and Nephrology and the IDM at the University Hospital Tübingen and spokesman for the DZD on the occasion of the award.

The prize is endowed with € 10,000 and is awarded every year as part of the internists' congress.