Press Release


DZD Award 2020 for the best science communication for Dr. med. Moritz Mahling

Dr. med. Moritz Mahling (right) with his colleague Dr. med. Hanno Bunz (left). ©Moritz Mahling

Dr. med. Moritz Mahling, medical doctor at the IDM Tübingen (Institute of Diabetes Research and Metabolic Diseases Tübingen) is awarded with the DZD Awards 2020 for the best science communication.

In his medical podcast "abhoeren" (Link) , Dr. med. Moritz Mahling and his colleague, Dr. med. Hanno Bunz, discuss medical issues, talk about latest studies, and bring general health issues closer to their audience. Professors, medical doctors and researchers share their knowledge and their latest findings as guests.

The DZD prize for the best communication was awarded for the first time and honors scientists for communicating research to the public.