Lundbeck Foundation Grant Awarded to Dr. Christoffer Clemmensen

Dr. Christoffer Clemmensen, Head of the Drug Development Unit at the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity (IDO), was awarded a fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation (Denmark) for the project focusing on targeted delivery of thyroid hormone to treat metabolic disease.  

The Institute for Diabetes and Obesity studies the diseases of the metabolic syndrome by means of systems biological and translational approaches on the basis of cellular systems, genetically modified mouse models and clinical intervention studies. It seeks to discover new signaling pathways in order to develop innovative therapeutic approaches for the personalized prevention and treatment of obesity, diabetes and their concomitant diseases. IDO is part of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center (HDC).

Contact: Dr. Christoffer Clemmensen
Phone: +43-89-2187-2110