Cristina García Cáceres appointed W2 professor at the LMU Muenchen

Prof. Dr. Cristina García Cáceres

Congratulations to Cristina G. Cáceres, the head of the IDO's Research Unit "Astrocyte-Neuron Networks” (link) who has been appointed W2 professor at the LMU Muenchen. The W2 professorship will allow Dr. García Cáceres fully focus on her long-term vision of identifying key astrocytic signaling and molecular pathways implicated in the progression of obesity, thus inspiring and redefining therapeutic strategies to fight diabetes and obesity. Helmholtz Zentrum München and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität will merge the expertise and infrastructure to fully exploit a common strategic focus on combatting metabolic diseases based on the translation of basic knowledge and new insights into novel concepts for diagnosis, prevention and therapy for the benefit of the patient.